Want to get involved? Here are some departments that you can contact directly.  Some jobs will begin right after the New Year and some will be closer to show time. 


Any questions contact Bethany at samgrew@optonline.net



1. COSTUMES: Barbara Canace - Canacephillips@optimum.net
Help with sewing, organizing and coordinating costumes

MAKE UP: Natalie Parks - njp528@yahoo.com
Learn how to do basic stage make up and help actors apply during the shows

PROPS: Tricia Benn - mtbenn84@gmail.com
Organized people that can assemble, find and organize the props. Super important job!

WIGS: Tricia Benn - mtbenn84@gmail.com
Helping style wigs, pin curl actors hair. Must be good with hair.

STAGE CREW: Ethan Ford - ethan.t.ford@gmail.com
Help learning how to focus stage lights and work backstage during shows

SET BUILDING/PAINITNG: Rob Cohen - rcohen2112@gmail.com
Help build the set. Comfortable working with a drill, hammer, etc. Also looking for artists that can help paint the set. 

REHEARSAL ASSISTANTS/ASSISTANT TO MR HEALY: Finnola Gray - finnolalax3@gmail.com
Helping during rehearsals. Working the music, taking notes on blocking, working with Mr Healy on administrative items and front of house duties during the shows. 

LOBBY DISPLAY: Leah Gomberg - ldgomberg@gmail.com
Help transform the lobby and hallways.